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Singing Classes at SJMS

Build confidence together!

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Sing with Friends

Level 1

Typical Ages: Grades 2-4

In Sing with Friends, level 1 (formerly Explore Singing) students use their God-given instruments- their voices!- to learn music!


We focus on the very foundations of healthy singing, instill healthy thoughts that help us keep our singing voice in proper perspective, and focus on easing into singing alone and then performing for an audience. 


Students will learn 17 songs throughout the year, plus 17 more "Virtuoso Challenge" for those who can't get enough singing! 

There is a step by step "Confidence Building System" we use in all of our classes at SJMS so that students are excited to choose courage, not pressured to perform. There are multiple in class performances called "Crescendo Class" as well as a Midyear Program and End of Year Recital!

Sing with Friends

Level 2

Typical ages: Grades 3-5

In level 2, (formerly Discover Singing) students continue their progress in the areas of performing and confidence building, and we also learn to understand the language of music through reading musical scores.  

As students grow physically, their voices also mature. They continue to build on good vocal foundations, sing age-appropriate, quality music, learn to build harmony and blend with others. 

They even focus on learning another "alphabet" called "IPA". 

Students work towards greater independence in both learning and singing without instrumental support. 

They will learn, practice, and master many songs and "Virtuoso Challenges" as they did in 1SWF and will also have Crescendo Classes and 2 performances. 

The Sing with Friends program will continue to grow into multiple levels that will prepare students for whatever singing path they hope to take!

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2024-25 Singing Class Schedule

M- 4:00
Th- 4:00, 5:30



Please note that a minimum number of students are required for a class. 

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