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discover your voice camp student on stage with microphone

Music & Performance Summer Camp | Lancaster, PA | July 14- 21, 2024

 Discover Your Voice Camp

Gain Confidence and Creativity Through Singing

At A Glance:​

  • 8-day journey designed for young singers aged 8-14

  • Boosts confidence and stage presence.

  • Offers personalized vocal coaching in a welcoming setting.

Parents of 8-14 year olds:

Do you see your child’s passion for singing but they are hesitant to perform in front of others?

Help your child discover their vocal talent and skyrocket their confidence with Sopranojam Music Studio’s Discover Your Voice Camp.

Through personalized coaching, group activities, and performance training, participants will enhance their singing, conquer fears, and eagerly showcase their voices. Secure a spot for your child and witness their transformation into a confident performer.

Discover Your Voice Camp Overview Video

A Day In The Life at DYVC

Kathy M.

I thought you and your team did a phenomenal job with voice camp. You thought of everything to make it a special time for the students and the showcase was exceptional.
Kaylee loved it all and is begging to go back next year.  

Holly G.

 It was well worth the price seeing Liam grow in confidence, stage presence and voice strength all in a week's times. Not mention that he loved it and sang the whole way back and forth to camp each day.

Lindsey S.

Mason really came alive at camp and watching his confidence grow was just amazing!

Questions or want flexible payment options? Please contact us:

What Is Discover Your Voice Camp?

A Children's Voice & Music Summer Camp

Discover Your Voice Camp

8-Day Camp To Help Discovery Your Child’s Vocal Super Power

Discover Your Voice Camp offers an 8-day transformative experience for singers aged 8-14. Here's why your child should join: to discover their vocal "superpower," embrace confidence, and shine on stage. We offer a no-audition environment, personalized coaching, and a supportive community, culminating in a showcase concert.

Sopranojam Music Studio
120 College Ave.
Mountville, PA 


Price: $400 /Camper

Overview of Dates & Times

  • July 14- 21, 2024

  • Day 1: Sunday, 2:30-5:30pm

  • Days 2-6: Mon-Friday, 12:00-4:30pm

  • Day 7: Saturday, 12:00-5:00pm

  • Day 8: Sunday,1:00-6:00pm followed by our Showcase Concert at 7:00pm

2023 DYVC Gallery

Voice & Performance Lessons for Beginners

Unveiling their Power of Confidence

Discover Your Voice Camp offers the perfect environment for your child to conquer their fears and step into confidence. With a unique focus on personal growth through singing, DYVC empowers each singer to embrace their voice, recognize their strengths, and perform with confidence. Our supportive coaches and a no-audition policy ensure every child finds their superpower within a community that celebrates every voice.

young boy discover your voice camp

Conquering Fears:

  • Campers learn to overcome stage fright and gain confidence in their abilities.

No-Audition Policy

Ensures a welcoming atmosphere where every child can participate and find their "superpower."

Personal Growth Through Singing:

Each participant discovers their vocal strengths and learns to express themselves with confidence.

Community of Voices

Campers join a supportive community that celebrates every voice, promoting teamwork and mutual respect.

Supportive Coaches

Experienced instructors provide personalized feedback and encouragement, fostering a positive learning environment.

Help Them Embrace Their Voice!

Questions or want flexible payment options? Please contact us:

Camp Schedule

Experience the transformational 8-day journey of Discover Your Voice Camp. From the initial registration to the final showcase, every day is meticulously planned to build your child's confidence and vocal skills.

Here's a peek at what each day offers:

  • Day 1: Registration & Arrival – Kickstart the journey with a warm welcome.

  • Day 2: Headshots – Capture the essence of your child's budding star power.

  • Day 3: Vocal Exploration – Dive into singing for small groups.

  • Day 4: Expression & Performance – Work on line expression and song memorization.

  • Day 5: Stage Presence – Practice performances on stage.

  • Day 6: Tech Rehearsal – Run through the show with technical support.

  • Day 7: Dress Rehearsal & Celebration – Final preparations and a special treat.

  • Day 8: Showcase Concert – The moment of triumph: showtime!

Who is DYVC For?

Discover Your Voice Camp is designed for young singers eager to find their voice and build confidence on stage.


Perfect for ages 8-14, DYVC offers a nurturing environment for:

  • Children interested in singing and performance arts.

  • Young singers looking for a confidence boost.

  • Aspiring performers seeking individual attention and group support.

  • Anyone ready to explore their vocal potential in a supportive, no-audition setting.

discover your voice camp group performance
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