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Lancaster, PA's Unique Music Camp Experience

Sopranojam Mini Camps

2-hour Mini Camps Where Young Voices Explore Music & Dance

2024-2025 Mini Camps

FREE Mini Camp In The Park - Aug. 3rd

Special Summer Mini Camp In The Park - Saturday August 3, 2024

FREE Summer Mini Camp at Mountville Park!

Free summer mini camp in the park

Saturday, Aug. 3rd, 10am-12pm

Come one and all and join the SopranoJam crew for a FREE summer Mini Camp at Mountville Park.

*Register by August 1, 2024


Cost: FREE


(for those who want to support what we do there will be an optional pay-what-you-can collection)


Remember to Bring A Friend!

351 N Lemon Street Mountville (directions)

Parents of 5-11 year olds:

Are You wondering how to spark your child's interest in music and performance in a way that's fun, safe, and engaging?

Our 2-hour Singing & Performing Mini Camps offer an exciting and inspiring intro to the world of singing and dance for your child!

Children learn a song, engage in activities that enhance their musical understanding, and even prepare a small performance. It’s a perfect blend of learning and fun, tailored for young, curious minds.

Only $30 per camp — Enroll your child in our next Mini Camp and set the stage for a lifelong love of music.

Only $30/camper - Space Fills Quickly - Book Today!

Mini Camp Adventures!

What's better than Mini Camp?
How about Mini Camp with a friend!

Bring a First-time Friend for only $10

Limited Time Offer

Fun & Educational Musical Theatre Camp

More Camps, More Fun!

Fall 2024 Mini Camp Season Featuring:



Only $30/camper - Space Fills Quickly

Sopranojam Music Studio:120 College Ave.Mountville, PA - Directions >

Remember to bring a friend for only $10!

Upcoming Singing, Voice, & Performing Camps in Lancaster

Past Spring Season Camps

Magical Madrigals_edited.jpg

Magical Madrigals

Do Re Mi mini camp

Do Re Mi Camp

Pride Lands Adventure_edited_edited_edit

Pride Lands Adventure

Under the Sea mini camp

Under the Sea Camp

Jukebox Jamboree_edited_edited_edited_ed

Jukebox Jamboree

Many thanks for offering Anna such an amazing experience at the mini-camp last Saturday. She loved the all the camp activities and the birthday card was a sweet surprise. The whole family learned “A Marshmallow World” as Anna gracefully performed the song for us many times. I can say that she also performed “internationally” as she demonstrated her learnings from the camp to her grandparents in Romania via video call 😊.

We registered her for all the upcoming mini-camps, and she is very excited to see you again in January.

We are beyond grateful for all you do to inspire Anna to discover her voice and the artist within.

With great appreciation and gratitude...

Anna's Parents

What Is Mini Camp?

Lancaster PA's Singing, Voice, & Music Camp

Sopranojam Mini Camps

Develop Your Kids Confidence In Music

Mini Camps are all about developing an excitement for music, but most importantly about establishing a confidence in your child that will go beyond song and dance. 


Our teachers are focused on providing a nurturing experience where everyone gets a chance to be the star! While we focus on fun, our teacher help our campers develop their talents every camp. Mini Camps is also a great way to get your kids moving. Our caring instructors will guide them through a variety of song styles and movement genres to keep them energized and engaged.

Sopranojam Music Studio
120 College Ave.
Mountville, PA (directions)

About Mini Camps

  • For Boys & Girls Ages 5-11

  • Select Saturdays from 10am to 12pm

  • Fun Group Learning Experience

  • Crafts, Skits, And More!

  • Learn Familiar Songs & Easy-to-learn Movements

  • Memorable Final Performance at 12pm for Parents!

Only $30/Camper

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