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Singing Classes and Coaching

Sopranojam Music Studio offers a unique community experience for learning voice and piano. Our programs make learning fun and accessible for people of all ages, and provide fun opportunities to make music with others.

sing with friends
sing with friends

Explore Singing

Ages: 7- 10 years

Group Class, 60 minutes weekly

Teacher: Ms. Abby, Ms. Julie

Explore Singing Class is the perfect introductory singing class for ages 7-10 years old (1st grade- 5th grade) looking to build confidence and skill in their singing. No prior ability is required and everyone is welcome – come explore the joys of singing and find your unique voice

Discover Singing

Ages: 8-11 years 

Group Class, 60 minutes weekly

Teacher: Ms. Julie, Ms. Abby

The Discover Singing Class at SJMS is (typically) a level 2 class that will help you gain confidence and skill as a singer.

Learning with your friends, you'll practice performing and begin to read music. You'll build your confidence and gain independence as a singer. Come discover your singing potential today!

sing with friends

Offerings at Sopranojam Music Studio

Choose from a variety of piano and/or singing classes at Sopranojam Music Studio! At SJMS, we are committed to building confident students of all ages through singing and piano instruction and performance experiences. Studying at SJMS is fun and loved by students, respected by parents, and run by passionate teachers. Check out our available offerings today!

teen voice lessons
Teen Voice

Ages: 12 and up

Group Class, 60 minutes weekly

Teacher: Ms. Julie

Our Teen Voice program is designed to help teenagers gain confidence in their singing and performing abilities. We work to help our students become independent and expressive singers, while also teaching them how to properly prepare for worship team auditions, performance opportunities, and more.

At our studio, we believe in building a healthy mindset for our students and focus on helping them reach their highest potential without limiting beliefs.

Monthly Mini-Camps

Ages: 5 - 11 years

(Monthly: See Schedule for dates)

Mini-Camps are a great way to "test drive" SJMS programs and teachers!

Students engage in the joy of singing, dancing, acting, crafts in this 2-hour, themed camp session. 

Anyone is welcome regardless or ability or experience!

Come to one session or come to all of them! We feature different themes each month!

mini camp at SJMS
Full Time Private Lessons
discover your voice camp
Discover Your Voice Camp

Ages: 8 years and up

Summer (see schedule)

Are you ready to shine? 


Come for the first time or as a returning student to continually build upon your performance experience!


DYVC is an 8-day performing camp that uses our signature program to walk singers from shy and inexperienced to confident and thriving!


At DYVC, campers will get individualized and small group attention and will take small steps of courage that will lead them to their own Feature Performance in the Showcase Concert!

Flexible Private Lessons
Mikayla close up.jpeg
Private Voice Lessons


Ages:12 years and up

Duration: 45 min, 60 min 

Meet with an intuitive, encouraging and knowledgable instructor in weekly lessons tailored specifically to your needs and goals. 


Full Time students receive personalized feedback on vocal technique, performance skills, repertoire study and performance.

Recommended- no less than 1 year of committed study.

*Students may be assessed for best class placement according to their stage of development and experience.

singer with microphone
Voice Lesson Sampler
voice lessons

Private Voice Lessons


Ages: Adults

Duration: 60 min 

Flexible Study is designed for busy adults students who may not be able commit to the same time and day each week or who prefer to study at less frequent intervals than once weekly.

The Flexible Student schedules their own lessons at their preferred frequency using the studio calendar. 

Meet with an intuitive, encouraging, and knowledgeable instructor on a flexible schedule. 

Flexible students receive personalized feedback on vocal technique, performance skills, repertoire study and performance. 

Short-term or Long-term study is available.

Singing Assessment

Voice Lesson Sampler

Ages:12 years and up

Duration: 45 min, 60 min

Give voice lessons a try before committing to long term study.

The Voice Lesson Sampler is a 4-session overview of how to become comfortable singing in front of a teacher/coach, how to expand your range and move through registers more smoothly, explore breathing for singing, and coach through a song.


Ongoing private lessons may or may not be available immediately.

voice lesson with teacher

Singing Assessment


Do you feel stuck on what to do next because you aren’t sure about your voice?


Get constructive feedback from a professional voice teacher and coach for over 20 years.

Send a recording, and I’ll listen for the strengths and weaknesses in your voice.

I'll send you a personalized audio recording to let you know what I’m hearing.


It will be constructive and value-based in that you’ll get a specific, fact-based assessment, not just opinion or judgement.


Piano with Friends

Piano with Friends

Ages: 5- 9 years (beginners)

Group lesson, 60 min weekly

Piano with Friends (PWF) is the perfect way to introduce your young elementary student to piano lessons!

Your child will enjoy exploring and making music right away as they learn to play the piano with a group of friends!

The PWF program is 4 semesters and gives students a solid introduction to music, singing, and piano skills that can stand alone or prepare the student for private lessons upon completion of the program.

Students participate in playing for the class at regular intervals and will participate in programs and recitals.


*Semesters 1,2 are suited for children with none to little piano lesson experience.

*Semesters 3,4 are a continuation of the program and may be suitable for students will about a year of prior piano lesson experience. 

piano with friends
Full Tim Private Piano Lessons
teen singer on stage

Confident Singing Coaching Program 

for Worship Team Singers

Ages: 16- adult

Flexible Private Piano Lessons

Private Piano Lessons

Ages: 8 and up

Duration: 45 min, 60 min

We encourage students to begin their piano studies in our group classes. Students will be accepted to private lessons at the discretion of the teacher.

child piano player

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  • Flexible Lessons - private
    How it works: · Flexible Lessons (private) are available for adult students who may not be able to commit to a weekly lesson time frame. Flexible lessons allow a student to purchase a set number of lessons (package) and then schedule them over a specified time period (term). Lesson packages may be paid in full or in monthly installments over the established term. Scheduling: The student schedules their lessons on the SJMS studio calendar and may reserve any available open spot that is convenient for them. Times and days may vary and lesson appointments are not exclusively reserved for the student. Lessons may be scheduled only as far as one month in advance as there is a roster of Flex students. Example: Student plans to study for 6 months and wants to have 12 lessons within that time frame. The total for the package will be divided by 6 months and payments will be due monthly. Lessons may be scheduled during any available appointments on the studio calendar. Lessons are 60 minutes in length. Term is flexible but needs to be agreed upon up front. Renewals for additional terms are perfectly acceptable. (Terms allow the studio to know our availability for additional students) What's included in the program: Crescendo Classes and recitals are an additional charge. ($62) The New Student Fee ($100) is due to hold the student’s spot upon enrollment. Term Renewal deposit to reserve the spot ($124) will be required one month in advance and will be deducted from the tuition total. Tuition Packages for Flex lessons 8 lessons- $500 (2 month term or greater) 10 lessons - $620 (3 month term or greater) 12 lessons- $744 (5 month term or greater) 18 lessons- $1116 (7 month term or greater) 24 lessons- $1488 (9 month term or greater) Pricing Chart
  • Full Time Lessons - private
    How it works: The teacher and student coordinate a reserved, weekly time for the student's lesson. Full Time Lessons (Typically run Sept- May) What's included in the program: 29-32 weeks of 1:1 lessons (45 min for teen students; 60 minutes for adult students) 3-4 Crescendo Classes (performance classes/mindset coaching, 1 per quarter-ish) 1-2 Recitals per year Tuition for the program may be paid in full or divided into 9 or 10 monthly payments. (Aug- May or Sept- June) Online lessons may be available for inclement weather and or illness. Full Time Lesson Package (45 minutes) PRIVATE LESSONS is $1756.00 Full Time Lesson Package (60 minutes) PRIVATE LESSONS is $2314.00 Pricing Chart
  • SJMS Pricing Chart
    AT SJMS, we structure our payments for classes and lessons as "tuition" rather than as a per lesson fee. You'll see a total cost number that is the all- inclusive price for the classes, workshops, camp, or lessons. Payment installment options are available per month or per semester. We try our best to create different experiences that allows students of many budgets to get musical training! Pricing Chart
  • Group Lessons and Classes
    Group Classes (Piano with Friends, Explore Singing, and Discover Singing): $1100 total tuition (includes registration, music, books, lessons, and recitals) 2, 9 or 10 monthly installment options Pricing Chart
  • Piano with Friends
    The Piano with Friends curriculum is a 4-semester program for children ages 5-8 years, with no piano experience, created by Julie Stone . PWF 1 - first year (children with no lesson experience or with less than a year lesson experience) PWF 2 - second year (children who have completed PWF 1 or students who have had about 1- 2 years of piano) PWF is structured in a way that allows young children to make music, fall in love with it, build dexterity and skills, then learn to read music. We sing, we play, we move, we learn with pictures and stories so that class is the highlight of the week! The curriculum is structured according to our signature "LPM Method". LPM means "learn, practice, master". Students learn skills and songs in class so you aren't figuring it out at home. We get a few practice repetitions in during class for reinforcement. Students go home to practice with a "Playtime Assignment" that works like a checklist for the easiest and most efficient practice times. Of course after many repetitions, they master the song! That's when music is really fun! We play original music as well as songs from different method books. Folk songs, church songs, holiday music, classical melodies and children's songs make up the genres students will play. Year 1 focuses on building music vocabulary, listening, piano geography, finger dexterity and melody playing. Year 2 focuses on playing with hands together, harmony, and reading staff notation. At the end of the program, students will be equipped to enter private lessons in lesson books near level 2. Parents are the biggest factor for successful piano lessons! In order to support parents with practice supervision and accountability at home, we have a private Facebook group with explanation videos for what we covered in each class so parents don't have to guess in case kids forget!
  • Discover Singing
    Discover Singing is a second year program of early vocal technique for young singers. This class is for ages 9 and up who have either participated in Explore Singing or who demonstrate the skill/ability level necessary for this level of voice training. Students will continue to explore their voices and improve their vocal awareness and technique as they learn age-appropriate repertoire, learn simple music-reading and sight-singing skills, learn harmony, and sing alone and in a group. Our goals for this class include improved tone and pitch, accurate intonation, and expressive singing. We study many concepts that pertain to informed singing and that will help improve tone quality, blend, stamina, and solo performance. Students will need to be prepared to take constructive and encouraging feedback on their voices in order to lead them toward their healthiest, most authentic singing. Students will participate in performance classes and at least 1 recital. In this level, students may have the option to add a once a month, 30 minute private lesson for individual coaching. *Students may have an assessment in order to assist with class placement.*
  • Discover Your Voice Camp
    DYVC is a week long performing camp that walks singers from feeling insecure, nervous, and inexperienced to feeling confident, excited, and ready to sing for an audience! Our signature program uses small group coaching and a step by step program that seamlessly advances students from singing with a small group of friends to singing in front of the large group of campers and finally for an audience in the Showcase Concert! Each camper is given a "Feature Performance" that fits with their experience level and their desires. Knowledgeable coaching staff works with students to assign songs that suit their voices and personalities as well as to assist them in creating their best performances! DYVC is a must for any student that wants to get solo or small group experience on stage! DYVC runs in June and July most summers!
  • Explore Singing
    The Explore Singing Class is the start of voice training geared for children ages 8-11 years old. (It is the first class of 2 levels; the second level is Discover Singing.) Explore Singing will give your child a healthy singing foundation and is open to all ability levels. We believe that everyone can learn to sing better regardless of their natural ability. If they love to sing, they will love exploring singing in this class! This 2-semester class is geared toward children who love to sing and want to learn more about how to sing well, participate in solo and group singing, and become musicians who are singers! Students explore their voices through play, activities, games, stories, and of course, singing! Our focus is on learning to sing with freedom, finding our authentic and unique voices, and then learning to share them with each other. We learn foundational and age-appropriate singing technique along with repertoire. Students learn how and what to practice, how their bodies produce their singing voices, how to listen to singing and singers, and how to truly learn a song. We use our signature LPM method for "learning, practicing, and mastering" repertoire. We engage as many senses as we can to make learning singing a fun and immersive experience. Building confidence for sharing our voices is a foundational concept for participants and we use the signature SJSM method of small, doable steps toward a goal. *Students may have an assessment in order to assist with class placement.* Semester 1 runs from Sept- Jan. Semester 2 runs from Feb- May (Discover Your Voice Camp is recommended for those who want to practice their performing skills during the summer!)
  • Voice Lessons
    The private voice lesson is designed for those who have specific singing goals and/or want a personalized coaching experience in both repertoire and technique. At SJMS, we specialize in helping singers build their confidence through knowledge about the singing voice, identifying negative or limiting beliefs and choosing better thoughts, through performance experiences, and through meeting their own established goals and aspirations. We fundamentally believe that any singer can improve and become more confident! At SJMS, we walk singers through small, doable steps that lead them on the path to accomplishing their singing goals. As part of our program, students will have performance opportunities as well as "practice performances" in order to take small, doable steps toward building confidence. It's the SJMS way! You will study a variety of genres including Musical Theatre, Contemporary Christian/Worship music, and/or Classical repertoire. During your lesson we will focus on developing healthy singing technique, authentic interpretation, communication, and stage presence. You will also learn how to practice singing and learning songs in order to become an independent musician. Private lessons are available to all ages (12 years old through adult. Younger singers may be considered on a case by case basis and are encouraged to get started in the Explore and Discover Singing classes.) Private Lessons are available as teacher availability allows: Full Time Lessons- students commit to weekly lessons from Sept. - May (lessons may be offered at other times of the year, depending upon availability). 45 minute lessons or 60 minutes lessons. Crescendo Classes (practice performances), Online lessons, recitals, etc are included in the tuition price of Full Time Lessons. Flexible Lessons- students purchase a set number of lessons and then schedule them over a specified time period (term). Lessons may be paid in full as a package or monthly. Crescendo Classes (practice performances), online lessons, recitals, etc are charged separately (a la carte) for students in Flexible lessons. (See more details regarding tuition under the "Pricing" tab.) *Students may have an assessment in order to assist with class placement.*
  • Other opportunities
    At Sopranojam Music Studio, we are always building new programs that will give the most students the best opportunities to grow their confidence and enhance their God-given natural abilities! Join our email list and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the know! Upcoming Offerings: Teen Voice - group lessons for ages 12 and up Confident Singing for Worship Team Singers- adults, ages 15 and up Singing Clubs and more!
  • Teen Voice
    Grow your voice and build your confidence in a setting of fellow young singers! Teen voice is is perfect for tweens and teens who love to sing and want to become more confident in their voices. Whether you are a choral singer who wants to know more or lack the confidence in what your own voice can do, group lessons is a great way to get solid vocal instruction and the step by step confidence training that SJMS is known for! Teen Voice is group lesson format where students will learn all the things they would learn in a private lesson (technique, repertoire, practice, and performance experiences) but with others at a simliar age and ability level. Students will learn to explore their voices rather than expecting "perfection". They will learn foundational vocal anatomy and technique that will help them sing freely in any style of their choice. They will increase their ranges, learn to shift registers more smoothly, and sing with power. We will focus on taking small steps toward learning to share our voices with each other. We will sing musical theater and/or contemporary Christian worship music in order to apply what we've learned. Students will learn what and how to practice singing effectively so they aren't just singing, but actually studying their voices as an instrument. Class Offering- TBD Are you interested in learning more about this class when it launches? Contact us! *Students may have an assessment in order to assist with class placement.*
  • SJMS Core Values
    Individual Value- Every individual has a design and purpose and value that is deeper than any amount of ability or achievement. Building Confidence- We want to help you become confident so you can be a light to everyone you meet! Excellence -it’s not only what we do, it’s who we are. We strive to go above and beyond in all areas. Teamwork- We work together to encourage and support one another Positivity- We are optimistic and joyful. We see the good and seek to bring that out in every student. Ownership- We strive to anticipate needs and teach to the individuals learning styles. In order to be the best educators we can be, we regularly invest time and money into personal and professional development.
  • Building Confidence is at the core of what we do.
    Confidence is the heart of the teaching at Sopranojam Music Studio and it goes deeper than lesson books, practicing, and recitals. We work very hard to find the best ways to meet individuals where they are. We believe everyone can grow in confidence by using "just manageable difficulty" along the way. It's just the right amount of a "push" for growth without a "shove" that creates fear.
  • Variety of Learning Methods
    The power of variety, community, and flexibility are much of what drives SJMS students to excel in their musical studies and performances! Learning music, developing character, and planting seeds of desire to learn are the foundation of what and how I teach. There will be some times that the typical lesson format will not be followed and instead, our lesson time may be traded for one or more of the following: - Group lessons (learning a concept together) - Crescendo Classes (practice performance learning opportunities) - Buddy lessons (utilizing games and peer interaction to learn) - Online lessons via video chat (mostly used on snow days, sick days, or for summer lessons- or quarantines, it turns out!) - Pre-recorded Video Assignments or concept teaching - End of Year Examinations - Recitals and other performances - Workshops - Games and activities for reinforced learning - App playing and more!
  • “Just Manageable Difficulty”
    In order to build confidence through instruction and performing, we employ varied and unique ways that support students in their journey. Natural ability is just a starting point. We find the best next step that provides just the right amount of challenge without a feeling of overwhelm and fear.
  • Excellence
    Being an effective educator requires constant creativity and it’s part of what distinguishes Sopranojam Music Studio. Our curriculum and coaching is based on the teaching experiences of founder, Julie Stone, who has spent her 20+ year teaching career seeking to find the simplest, most fun ways to teach and learn singing and piano. At every level of piano and voice instruction, you'll find stories, games, activities, hands-on, tangible learning at work every day because we love it when our students "get it"!
  • "Choose Better Thoughts"
    The other important piece of building confidence comes from keeping our minds set on what is true and beneficial, not on emotions that stem from negativity, comparison, or insecurity.
  • Our teachers love students and love seeing them grow!
    The teachers at SJMS are chosen because they have a special ability to connect with students and bring out the best in them. We see each person as created with unique design and purpose from God. We work to find the best ways to connect with each student so they love music and want to succeed!
  • Do students have to perform?
    Much of how we teach students centers around building confidence so they can share what they are learning through recitals and performing opportunities within and outside the studio. Not all students want to perform and there may be accommodations for that. However, for most students sharing their hard work and the art of song is a highlight. It is also an incredible motivator. Throughout the year, students are provided with a variety of “practice” performance opportunities (Crescendo Classes) to help them grow and showcase their hard work and talent. Performances are "built-in goals" and provide great incentives to keep forward momentum. We host 1-2 recitals per year. Students are strongly encouraged to participate, especially after at least 1 semester of instruction. We encourage students to join performance groups such as choirs, worship teams, community theater, auditions, competitions, etc in order to keep advancing their skill and building their confidence! Discover Your Voice Camp (summers)Showcase performance opportunities and audition prep
  • How do I sign up for classes or lessons?
    If you would like to register for classes or lessons, you will need to complete 3 components: Registration Information First month's tuition payment (reserves your spot) Policy Agreement You can register for classes, camp, or lessons by clicking the "Studio Portal" link on the main menu. If you would like to visit a class before registering, please send us a message or email! If you would like to schedule an "Initial Fit" session regarding private lessons, please contact us!
  • What do we offer?
    We offer supportive, encouraging, and excellent singing classes, voice lessons, and piano classes as well as performance opportunities for students of all ages! You can choose to study in a group setting or private lesson. If you are a student at Dayspring Christian Academy or homeschool, you can choose to participate in lessons/classes during the school day. We offer private lessons and classes during the day and after school to suit various schedules. Most of our lessons and classes are in person, however, online lessons may be an option as well. As the studio expands, so do our offerings, so check back often!
  • What does the class and lesson schedule look like?
    Voice or Piano classes for children: 60 minutes, weekly Approx. 15 classes per semester Semester 1 runs Sept- Jan Semester 2 run Feb- May *Some classes may start outside these regular time frames but the schedule for the class will be adjusted to suit. (Specific dates are listed on the studio calendar as some weeks will be off for holidays) *Starting and ending dates may vary as classes are filled. Class size Voice- 3-8 students Piano- 3-6 students Private Voice Lessons: Full Time (45 min, weekly- ages 12- 18 or 60 min, weekly- ages 19 - adult) Flexible Lessons (Flexible lesson packages available for adults, 60 min lessons) 1:1 student to teacher
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